As most of you probably know, my daughter is getting married this weekend and I have to tell ya, things are way different now. It all starts now with a save the date card that is a prelude to the actual invitation. When the bride and groom have their bachelor and bachelorette parties they have them in different locations around the country.

The wedding traditions themselves are very different now as well. For instance, you can now have anyone you want officiate the wedding. I didn't know that you just go down get the official "I can marry you thingy" and you're all set.

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Another new thing that I wasn't familiar with is the speech part of the wedding. I was informed since I'm the father of the bride that I have to give a speech.

I asked, "A speech about what?"

"You know, about your daughter and stuff."

Oh, OK... Silly me, I just remember when there was a toast that would be made. The thing is that it's their special day and anyone can do it the way they want. I have no problem with that.

I do know that the one tradition that remains the same is the whole family getting together to celebrate the special occasion and I love that part the most. So wish me luck that I can keep it together as I hand off my special little girl to another man and watch their life blossom.

And who knows, maybe Mark will catch the garter and we all know what that means.

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