One of my Facebook friends bought a new vehicle and has yet to name it. But she did say that "Penelope" had been traded in.

There are many reasons people pick the names for what they drive. One common reason is the color of their vehicle. I've heard "Grey Ghost", "Arrest Me Red", and even one friend who calls his tiny, imported car, "The Blue Emu."

I grew up in a house where Dad named all our family vehicles. His "Lean Green" was a Rambler station wagon that he got cheap. Dad also had a 1975 Chevy half-ton pickup with a 454 motor that he called "Super Truck."

So, naturally, I have continued the family tradition. First off, I call the indoor space where I park the "GO-rage," just like Dad did.

I have driven "An old gold Chevy and a place of my own" as Elton John sang in "Crocodile Rock," a "Mega Vega," which is a 1975 Vega with a four-cylinder engine. You had to push in the clutch and lift your butt off the seat when you turned the key, or it wouldn't start. I've had "Gandalf The White", "The Speed Car", and "Red Mark."

I also have 1968 Chevy Impala Super Sport that I named a cuss word due to how often I had to work on it and the number of times I had to push that heavy son of a gun to the gas station.

My mower is "John Deere Green".

I'll be interested to see what other folks named their rides. And I know friends that not only name them but also refer to them just like they are people. "I gotta run to the car wash because Sylvia needs a bath."

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