A friend of mine is heading out of town soon and asked if I would look in on her cat. "No problem", I said. I mean, typically cats don't take a lot of work. Just make sure they have the essentials, maybe empty the box and you're good; or so I thought. After I agreed she told me that I would need to check on the cat daily and in addition to the things I mentioned above I would also need to wipe the cat's butt. I thought she was joking until she went on to tell me where I would find the medicated pads.

Really? Is this a thing? I mean, I get it with certain breeds of dogs who have issues with their fur butts, but aren't cats pretty self sufficient when it comes to grooming?

Luckily, she has now decided to take the cat with her, but it certainly got me wondering if there are some more of these spoiled cats living in Billings.

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