Do you remember the TV series "Sex and the City?"  Where Jessica Parker played columnist Carrie Bradshaw?

I sometimes feel like her when I write these blogs.

Trying to see both sides of the issue and wonder what peoples answers might be.

I asked the question, "Does what you drive determine your self worth"?

I asked this because I recently had a conversation with some high school kids and some twenty somethings about why some of them feel that if you drive a new or nearly new vehicle your status is higher that some one who drives an older maybe beat up car.

At what point in our lives growing up do we learn or are we taught that what you have is more important than who you are?

For example I have a 2003 Chevy Diesel pickup that has a hundred and seventy nine miles on it and has more than a few dents, I prefer to call them character marks.

My point is this, I have been told on more than one occasion that I should get rid of that pieces of s@#& and get something newer.  Why? Because it has some character flaws?

I keep it because it runs just fine and it gets me where I need to be.  Not to mention all the memories in that pickup.

Like the first deer my son shot when he was 11.

Or the first family trip to our cabin in the Big Horn Mountains or the first time my daughter learned to drive on her grandparents farm on the Hi-line

We also have a 1969 Chevy Pickup, it doesn't run, but that's alright.

Most of the kids my sons age dog him about it.

Why do we have this old run down vehicle that doesn't run right now, because this will be the first vehicle project that my son and his Uncle, whom he admires to death, will get to work on together.

And when they replace the motor and it turns over for the first time, the pride on their faces will be will be worth it. .

What does determine ones self worth?

Money?  The size of your house?  What you do for a living?  What you drive?   Or is it who you are and what kind of a person you are?


What are your thoughts?