A couple of times each year you'll see and hear the ads from the automakers making the claim that it's "Truck Month". And that's kind of how country radio feels to me. And not just truck month. But truck SEASON.

As we do with all hit songs these days, we played Lainey Wilson's "Heart Like A Truck" seemingly as often as we could. And we got double the exposure to that song because Dodge also used it in the television ads.

She and her buddy did "Wait In The Truck". So Hardy's next song is called "Truck Bed". And the Cat Country Facebook page has a link to click on to hear the song. I haven't because I know that I'll hear it often, and soon.

But country music has always written often about trucks; along with love, work, trains, honky tonks, beer, and mommas. But right now it's trucks.

Recent truck hits include "New Truck", "Somethin' About A Truck", "I Drive Your Truck", "Get Out Of That Truck" and the list goes on and on. I even asked Tim McGraw if country radio has too many songs about trucks. And he said, "Truck Yeah". See what I did there?

I always liked Joe Diffie's "Pick Up Man". I love the line that says "You know the cargo light gives off a romantic glow".

I also like Glen Campbell's "I Love My Truck". It sounds like it was written in 10 minutes. And it's just an ode to a guy who loves his truck.

So, I hope you're enjoying Truck Season on the radio.

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