I never thought I would be writing about this and just so you know, I did receive permission to do show from my wife. Full disclaimer approved.

At dinner the other night I noticed something that I have noticed for my entire marriage but I had never really said anything about it before.

My wife is obsessed with ketchup and she is training my boys to love it as much as she does.

She will put it on just about anything. Tacos, mac n' cheese, tuna fish sandwiches, b.l.t. sandwiches....you get the idea. If the thought crosses her mind, ketchup is on it. She won't even touch a a grilled cheese sandwich, fish sticks or a bean burrito without it.

It's pretty wild. I would even go as far as saying that her ketchup obsession is worse than my sour creme addiction, and that's pretty bad.

I guess we love each other because we both can look over the other's issues. In fact, we kind of aid each other with our fixes on these.

If you are a newly wed, I suggest you don't comment on this post if you wish to stay married or have a very good understanding with your partner. Just my advice.

Now for the rest of us who can get away with this or just don't care. What is your spouse's weird quirk?

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