I got a text on Friday telling me about the passing of both Troy Gentry and Don Williams.  Today's blog is just about Don Williams.

I always hate when a music star passes and they give you how many #1 songs and awards they won. I never liked Don Williams because of either of those reasons. I liked him because of his songs. Many of which hit a particular chord with me.

It might have been a couple of great lines. (I guess as a lover, I have a ways to go. When someone wants you, they should just say it's so). Many times it was just the pace and laid back delivery of each song.

And in a world where everybody on stage seems to be jumping up and down and screaming for attention, Don just did his thing. Another real solid album. Another great single released to radio. Another 2 hour show where people knew every single song. Every. Single. Song.

Not many artists can do that, and that's why I always felt that he was under rated. Yes, they finally put him in the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2010.

I  got spend some time with him backstage before a show and I told him how early in my career, my program director told me I couldn't just skip the songs that I didn't like on the playlist and just play another Don Williams song.

Don smiled while he reflected on that and slowly said, "And Mark, that's why you are my favorite radio guy".

Rest in peace, sir.


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