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I've joined a couple of different groups on Facebook that are lobbying for parents to be allowed to watch their kids participate in school sports. I fully support this. You live in the same house with your kids. You should be able to sit in the same gym or football stadium.

And I'm glad that schools are allowing different amounts of spectators at games. I believe that it does as much good for the parent as it does for the student. And it's apparently what we have to do right now. In time, things will open up more and more, which will lead to more spectators being allowed.

The thing that I don't care for is the group of people who are "tattletales." They take it upon themselves to snap a picture of a coach or athlete who has their mask off for a fraction of a second. Then the picture gets sent to the school/coach/governing organization.

I don't know if you've been out to a bar or restaurant lately, but I've seen mask violations in one hundred percent of the places that I've been in.

But you know how some people are. They take it upon themselves to be the enforcement arm of the "mask police." Do us all a favor and get a life!

A kid just ran a kickoff back 100 yards and might need a moment or two to catch his breath before he puts his mask back on.

It's unfortunate that this mandate has come along while these kids are in school. Everybody is learning how to follow the rules and doing the best that they can.

One thing that I've found entertaining is now we know who the loudest parents are.

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