I've always driven fast, and still do. Not as fast as 15 years ago, but I'm still ticketable most days.

My speeding resume includes stops by cops in Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and Montana. I've gotten to speak directly to three different judges who all took my money and one even took my license for a bit. One judge even asked me what I was in such a hurry. And I said, "I'm not in a hurry, I just like to go fast".

I've got some "Need For Speed" that I got from my dad. And he got it from HIS dad! Grandaddy Wilson apparently ran some "Shine" growing up in Alabama. Then went on to make his living driving for Greyhound for 35 years. And he kept getting in trouble for bringing in his own C.B. radio in to keep track of the "smokies" and kept getting to his destination too early.

Growing up in my family often meant "Sunday Drives". We would just hop in dads car and drive all over the state. It often resulted in stops at places like "The Mountain Palace Tavern" or "Missouri River Inn" for an unplanned cheeseburger.

And many times those drive included racing people down the highway. Not safe, I realize, but those were different days.

I always thought I'd end up racing stock cars, but it turns out that you have to be  somewhat mechanical and willing to dedicate much of your income to your Saturday night hobby.

So, I tear up those back roads on sunny afternoons. I go through the gears while singing along to Chuck Berry. I do it when nobody else is in the car and I've got "No Particular Place To Go".

And if you're like me and just once, would like to just make a run as fast as you had the nerve to do, then check out "The Silver State Classic" in Nevada. Twice a year they shut down a 90 mile stretch of highway and let folks like us get after it. Might have to do that one.


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