OK. It was ONE of the times that I got caught.

It was March 14th, 1992 according to the citation. I was on my way to Butte to help a buddy call the games for radio. I had the radar detector looking out for the law, and I was rolling about 95 mph.

I went by a blue and white 280Z with North Carolina plates and after I got by him, he got on my tail. The way it usually works, if two cars are speeding, the front car gets ticketed. I couldn't put up with that, so I dropped the hammer and tried to outrun him.

I don't know what our peak speed was because my speedometer only went to 100 on my Camaro. But, we passed an all black car that picked up his pace behind us. I knew that wasn't a good sign, so I started looking for an off-ramp so I could ditch him.

There's a song by Kenny Price called, "The Sheriff of Boone County" that contains the lyrics "you might outrun my Chevrolet, but you can't outrun my old two way."

As I rounded the next curve, I'll be a son of a gun, they had a roadblock set up and got us both! I talked to the other driver. He had just got discharged from the Army and was headed back to Washington. We had a good laugh.

That was a pretty big ticket and I don't drive that fast anymore. Most days.

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