In honor of my grandfather who so passionately used the phrase..."fire suckin' ball of lard".

What are some family friendly curse words that you have heard?  Here are the ones you shared on Facebook.

  • Mindy Reynolds - shiiiiiiiii taki mushrooms!!!!!!!!!
  • Rennell Brock - good grief!
  • Kelsey McMahan - Poopy
  • Gina Comer - Fudgecicles:)
  • Debbie Toavs - son of a sea biscuit!!
  • Kris Moore - oh pickles!
  • Bekky Orner - Shucky darnit!
  • Holden Morgan - darn it
  • Samantha Nyquist - mother nature!
  • Tabitha Weber - Shut the front door!
  • Jessica Palmer - You little ffffffff...farmer
  • Jessica Palmer - Schnike! Shizzle.
  • Stacey Tousley Flamm - son of a pumpkin!
  • Brandi Deming ‎- "fudgesciles" and "oh sugar snap and icetea" girls love the last one :)
  • Chelsey Hall - What the french... toast!
  • Kimberly Marraffino - Son of a biscuit!! Fudgernickels! Holy crap-o-la!
  • Hope Mager - SMURF!
  • Angela Lassiter - got down sat in a ditch!! cheese and rice!!!
  • Mary Dutton Pluhar - We had a shop teacher that said, "Sun River Bridge!" which we use all the time!
  • Amanda Mae Ludwick - Crud! My brother's 13 and crap is NOT acceptable :) lol
  • Lisa Ogle - I say "well, fart!" it usually throws people for a loop LOL
  • Rhonda Leppink Baker - Yeah, but I can't repeat them here! LOL!
  • Hugo Galle Iv - Hover damit
  • Kathi Pfeifle - My dad always says "Ah, nut house!" when he is upset.
  • Marilyn Foley - mother bear.shoot a monkey.
  • MaryBeth Aasterud - FU...dge ripple ice cream!
  • Jessica Sandvik - Holy beans!
  • Danielle R Rees I -  use shut the front door and fudge. However my grandmother always uses hpqrst for every curse word! It gets a laugh every time!!!
  • Tracey Plouffe - Pickles!!!
  • Cheryl Hoerner - Sugar-Honey-Iced -Tea!
  • Miranda Raschkow - C U Next Tuesday!

Feel free to post your "family friendly curse words" below!

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