It seems like just about everybody likes the idea of having a Top Golf in the Heights. If you missed my post about imagining a utopian Billings Heights scenario, as created by me, check it out:

This is the last weekend of my daughter's travel volleyball season. I think the season is a little too long. And the tournament days are too long. Especially when you have to drive a couple of hours back home after you're done. But I also think that the kids grow up too fast and we will miss the time spent together.

I got a compliment on my selection of "bumper music" this week. Thank you. I try to pick good stuff.

This weekend marks the 45th anniversary of the release of Smokey & The Bandit. The movie increased sales of Trans Ams by a ton according to Hotcars.

We had listeners tell us which songs they thought we played too much. "Drunk And I Don't Wanna Go Home" was the leader. And then about a ten-way tie for second place.

The biggest and saddest news of the week was the passing of Naomi Judd. The cause of death was suicide due to mental illness, something she had battled her entire life. She had actually written a book about her struggle. Suicides are hardest for those left behind.

Wynonna and Naomi are and were two of the nicest stars that I ever personally met.

I watched with admiration just one day later as Wynonna accepted Judd's plaque enshrining them into the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

One day after losing my dad, I'm fairly certain that I wouldn't have been up for any public appearances.

I hope you hug your mom this Mother's Day if you've still got her.

Mother and daughter at home mother's day sitting daughter hugging mom kissing cheek joyful
Credit: Victoria Gnatiuk / Getty Images

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