Over the holiday weekend, I just happened to see a short video of Karen Carpenter singing  Superstar. She was a great singer that some say had one of the top 25 voices of all time. It spurred interest in her when I noticed the sadness in her eyes and facial expressions.  You could see it, you could feel it.

Many of you know her story when she died from anorexia and the heart complications from it. When they found her, her heart was only beating at 6 beats per minute. It was too late to save her. She was always distraught about not having a family and the kids she so desperately wanted. After her brief 14-month marriage failed it took an even heavier toll on her mental health.

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Mental health and depression are such a serious problem in this country and can even sink their claws into the people that you least suspect. I'm sure we have all been depressed at one point in our lives but some just can't overcome that demon. If you know such people be there for them, it can make such a huge difference just showing you care.

It was so sad, a person that had everything but yet missed the very simple things like a family that would have made her life complete. As we get closer to the holiday's depression seems to elevate to a whole new level for some. Just being part of their lives once in a while can make a huge difference. Watch for the signs, you really can see it in their eyes.

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