On Tuesday of this week, longtime KCTR morning show host Paul Mushaben made a post on his blog entitled “Indian Basketball.” KCTR does not support the blog or the sentiments expressed therein. Once management became aware of the content it was immediately removed from the station website and we have since taken action to suspend Mr. Mushaben indefinitely, pending further internal review. The blog post in no way reflects the values or beliefs of KCTR or its employees and we sincerely apologize to our listeners, our advertisers, and the Native American community. We assure you that we are taking appropriate action to prevent this from happening in the future.


At what point should we get fired? Due to how some people construed Paul's blog from yesterday, we had people saying he (or we) should be fired.

Are broadcasters held to a different standard just because we're easily accessible?  And do you realize what you are doing if you are trying to get somebody fired?! You're taking away their ability to put a roof over their families head. To put food on their table. That's a pretty severe punishment over what is essentially a difference of opinion.

I hope these people don't get fired from their jobs just because they get disagreed with.

Well, we didn't get fired. Please hate us some more tomorrow starting at 5 a.m. on 102.9, 970 AM, 95.1/95.5 FM, on the radiopup app, and worldwide at catcountry1029.com


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