It seems like I have been asked about what all my job entails. Especially while we were in Mexico and a lot of people couldn't understand how two guys talking on the radio can get 150 people from Montana to fly to Mexico with them.

So here are the most common things I get when being quizzed:

  • Have you met anybody famous? Often it's a specific famous artist. (Have you ever met Garth, George, Shania, etc)
  • Can you give a shout out tomorrow?
  • Can you get me concert/monster truck/fair/ tickets?
  • My personal favorite, "You've got a great face for radio."
  • A couple of pet peeves. A caller asks to hear a song you played moments ago. "Can't you just play it again?"
  • And callers giving me "406" when I ask for their number. Don't need it.

The things that I like about my job are giving recognition to those who might not otherwise get it. (Everybody likes to be wished happy birthday). We help find lost pets. We relay timely traffic information that might affect your commute. We've emceed the Yellowstone County Spelling Bee every year for more than 20 years. We do graduation speeches. We speak at career days at area schools.

We also get to play songs we like. And we get to laugh a lot.

Blessed to be heard. Thanks for listening.

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