It wasn’t hard compiling a list of prices increases as everywhere we turn there is a price increase somewhere. Here are a five things you can look forward to possibly paying more for in Montana for 2016. 

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    Outdoor fun

    Hunting and Fishing Licenses will be going up in 2016.

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    Entrance into Yellowstone

    Not sure if Glacier Park will adapt a rate increase next year or not but for this year beginning June 1st you will be paying more to enter  Yellowstone.

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    Yes in 2016 Montana's minumum wage is increasing so Employeers will be shelling out more for employment. The state’s minimum wage would rise to $10.10 per hour from the current $8.05 starting January 2016 under the measure. The minimum wage also would be subject to an annual cost-of-living adjustment.

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    Montana Gas Prices

    The oil "boom" is slowing down. The price and production increases that are forecast for 2016 are linked to strong demand from the industrial sector, the power sector and liquefied natural gas exports.

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    Student Loan Payments

    Under Obama's proposal, a modified Pay As You Earn plan would be the only income-driven repayment plan for borrowers who originate their first loan on or after July 1, 2016. This is basically sliding pay scale for students. How much you make determines how much you pay back. If you get a good job or decent one you could be paying more then you would have before this you could be on an income driven repayment program or not and pay an agreed upon amount but one that wasn't based off your income. This actually has a lot more benefits to it then not but still may cause hard working Montana students pay more monthly for student loan payments.

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