I just got a picture over the weekend from a friend of mine who shot a Lord Derby Eland in Africa. I didn't even know there was such an animal. I would imagine that he will have it mounted.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

They just had the huge taxidermy convention here in town, and there was some beautiful work on display. In fact, they are having the world's convention in Billings next year.

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I only have a couple of mounts because my hunting days are over, and I'm past that phase now, but many of you get every year's kill mounted. I have a deer, and a few antelope, but my favorite is a coyote I shot many years ago when I had sheep. He was eating a lamb that was killed, and he saw me and took off. I got up on my haystack, and when he got far enough away, he stopped and turned around to look at me. I know he thought there was no way that he could hit me from there. He's now in my basement with his head turned over his shoulder with that "I'm safe" grin on his face.

The people that do this really are artists in their own way. If they are really good, they can do it in a way that will make the story evident in the mount. I'm sure many of you have your favorite, and I bet when you look at it you can relive the hunt like it was yesterday.

You need a really understanding wife too if you are going to fill your house with heads...

See you tomorrow at 5.

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