In the good old days when you got back from vacation, you got your film developed and showed your friends what you took pictures of what you did while you were gone.

But now we write about it.

So during our time off, I didn't leave town partly because gas and motel room prices are high. And partly because my pickup won't go over 85 miles per hour. I've got a bad module somewhere and need to get it fixed. And I have to find somebody that can find and fix the problem.

But I still managed to get to the golf course a couple of times. And fair week is usually about the time that the golf courses start not being so crowded. A lot of golfers are trying to get a couple more camping/boating trips in before the snow flies.

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I stopped by the Chase Hawks Trap Shoot. If you've never shot clay pigeons before, I highly recommend this event. It's a fundraiser for an organization that does an awful lot of good in our community. In a related story, I have a lot of friends who own shotguns.

Credit: Mark Wilson
Credit: Mark Wilson

And I didn't get my phone out fast enough to get a picture of it, but I drove behind a little white car on Saturday morning that was all over Lake Elmo Drive. I'm talking ALL over. Over the center line and constantly swerving. But I have to defend this driver. I've never driven a car with both right side tires flat. So, good job not killing somebody, I guess.

It's good to be back.

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