I heard there was going to be a big "Trump Boat Parade" on Flathead Lake on the 4th of July. I wasn't able to make it to Flathead Lake for the 4th, but while I was hanging out on the Stillwater River outside Columbus, Montana I got to see a Trump parade after all. I guess you would technically have to call it a "Trump Raft Parade" for the river.

A few of us were hanging out on the river when out of nowhere a group of rafts with American flags, and a few with Trump flags, came rolling down the river. They then stopped for a few minutes to enjoy some cliff diving outside Columbus.

Credit Aaron Flint, Montana Talks


Earlier in the day, I was able to take part in the Laurel "Freedom Drive." The official Laurel 4th of July parade was cancelled, but a great group of local patriots put something together and made it happen anyway. It was so great to see all the patriotic folks out in the streets in Laurel, but I think my favorite part of the parade was when we passed by the law enforcement, fire fighters, first responders, and their families in front of the fire house. Just ahead of me was a semi-truck decorated with pro military and pro law enforcement messages. If you look closely at the photo below, you'll notice how some of the fire fighters took off their caps and put their hands over their hearts out of respect.

We can't thank these men and women (and their families) enough for their service.

Peggy Miller, who helped organize the Laurel "Freedom Drive" tells us the trucker's name is Brad Chase.

Here's Peggy Miller and Brad Chase in front of the rig prior to the Freedom Drive:

Credit Peggy Miller


As for the the "Trump Boat Parade" on Flathead Lake...sounds like that went well also. Below is a video at the tail end of the parade captured by a random boater. KPAX-TV also caught up with some ladies in Polson who wanted to catch a glimpse of the Trump Boat Parade from the dock. Click here for the "Flathead Lake Trump Boat Parade" Facebook page.

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