• My credit rating is 833.
  • Second week in a row with no birdies, but I did punch a career 5 iron to save a par.
  • I have a bottle of extra "Virgil" olive oil.
  • The tornado that hit Paul's calving barn was either an F-4 or an "F.U.", but everybody's invited the barn raising party that we're throwing in September. Exact date hasn't been announced yet.
  • We talked about BOTH of the famous Davy Jones this week.
  • I reminisced about a Wienermobile Girl that I once knew.
  • We now have a four letter word to let folks know that "First News" is on the way.
  • The city of Berkeley, CA is changing their term for "MANhole covers" to "maintenance covers."
  • My e-mail theme for Monday will be "Love Letters."
  • The new C-8 Corvette was unveiled this week. Zero to 60 in under three seconds. Make mine red, please. Corvette, because they don't write songs about Volvo's.

And if you lost your shoes at a gas station this morning, I know where they are.

Have a great weekend.

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