Friday Fragments
The tornado that hit Paul's calving barn was either an F-4 or an "F.U.", but everybody's invited the the barn raising party that we're throwing in September. Exact date hasn't been announced yet.
Friday Fragments
First "4 putt" of the season yesterday.
Looking for peoples best crock pot recipes.
Most of my friends from the theater world (39 years ago) "liked" my post yesterday.
The U.S.S. Billings will be commissioned August 3rd in Key West, Florida...
Friday Randomness
Thanks to the staff at Casino 8/Cellar 8 for hosting another great night for our trip sign up. Also, thank you for your generous Flakesgiving donation. And your chili is fabulous.
Friday Ramblings
I think that every Friday from here on out I'll just jot down some random thoughts that are running through my mind.
I've worked at Cat Country since Reagan was president.
I made a great, breaking putt on #8 yesterday.
Beartooth Pass is open...
Thanksgiving - The New Black Friday
Talking about how over commercialized the holidays are is old hat, so I won't waste a lot of time doing it. The simple truth is that as long as people are willing to "bust doors" for sale prices, retailers will be more than happy to accommodate...