This weekend will probably be one of the busiest weekends we have in Billings. Farmer Finishers has taken it upon itself to give you the itinerary.

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Tracy Byrd & Homesteader Days

One of the big events will be Homesteader Days. The headliner tonight is Tracy Byrd, should be a great show with great weather.

Brews & BBQs

Brews and BBQs will take place tomorrow at the lake at Metra, starting at 1.

Jim Bridger Days

If you want to get out of town it's also Jim Bridger days with all kinds of events. For you north-of-town people that's in Bridger.

Family Fun Day

Habitat for Humanity has their big summer fest going on at the Restore Saturday from 11 am - 2 pm, fun for the kids.

Farmers Market

It's also a big weekend for Farmers Market as it gets underway this weekend downtown. Should be a good year for produce with all the rain although some things may be a bit late this year.

Christmas In July

Angel Horses is also having their Christmas in July with Billings's Best Santa. That's out on 56th street west. Kids will love it as well.

Montana Governor's Cup

The Montana Governor's Cup Walleye fishing tournament is taking place this weekend at Fort Peck so that will be packed with all the Walleye junkies.

Big Sky State Games

And to top it all off it's the weekend of the Big Sky State games. The opening ceremonies are tonight with the games all weekend long so the town will be crowded.

Who Needs A Rec Center

With all of this happening hard to believe they want to spend $143 million on new hockey and Rec centers so people have something to do...

See ya Monday at 5

Missoula's Outdoor Summer Water Parks

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Historic Main Boulder Ranger Station, Montana

Historic Main Boulder Ranger Station, Montana

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