Here's a sentence I've never uttered before that I used this week. Here it is. "Do you need to borrow some toilet paper?

  • I wish Mary Chapin Carpenter was still having radio hits. If you're a Brad Paisley fan, his online concert was pretty good.
  • As I was "prepping" I set a new record for the most beer I've ever purchased in a single week.
  • I wonder how many firearms and rounds of ammunition were purchased just in Billings this week?
  • My Speakeasy blog was so popular that I've got quite a few friends wanting to know when I'm opening.  I'm open every afternoon about 3. Stop by and visit.
  • When I go shopping, I generally over-purchase anyway. Hopefully, this little shutdown will teach others to have more on hand than you need. Unless you LIKE standing in long lines at the grocery store!
  • Most of the interactions that I have heard about in Billings have been very polite, which is not surprising. Maybe check on the elderly in your neighborhood and see if they need anything.
  • For those of you who are getting some extra time with your kids because of the school closures, make the most of it. They won't be at home forever.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for listening.

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