We lost Raquel Welch this week at age 82. She was a sex symbol for the ages. And if you are a movie geek like me, you know that it was her poster from "One Million Years B.C." that covered the hole that Tim Robbins dug through the concrete in Shawshank Redemption.

Corporate told us that we talk too much.

Thanks to Shepherd Tumbleweed for your Flakesgiving donation. We get great support from groups like these and it's much appreciated.

I had lunch at the Squire Lounge yesterday. It's the first week of their "Topless Taco Bar". You order as many $4 dollar tacos as you would like. You can get beef or chicken. With their eye on adding fish and/or shrimp down the road.

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Then you go to the toppings bar and add whatever sounds good to you. Cheeses, salsa, banana peppers, jalapenos, etc. You can also load up some nachos. And this opens at 8 in the morning. Highly recommended.

Candy Town is open but the grand opening isn't until March 4th.

Ford announced problems this week with the batteries on their Lightning pickups. I read on Ford's media center that the base model only has a range of 230 miles. That's not gonna fly in Big Sky country.

And did you see something fall from the sky out by Park City Thursday? I got messages from several people who did. I haven't read any other news on it.

Have a great weekend. get ready for the snow and cold that's coming next week.

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