Saturday, October 27th, Shipton's Big R West is having their annual Pet-O-Ween costume contest for pets.  I've attended the last few years and have definitely seen some creative costumes.  If you're in it just for fun, I'm sure any costume will do, but if you want to get some attention and go for the win, I'd suggest doing something a little more creative.

These are the most popular pet costumes being purchased for 2018 according to the National Retail Federation:

  1.  Pumpkin - 11.2%
  2. Hot dog - 7.4%
  3. Bumble bee - 4.9%
  4. Devil - 3.2%
  5. Cat - 3.1%
  6. Dog - 3.1%
  7. Lion - 2.9%
  8. Star Wars character - 2.8%
  9. Super hero - 2.7%
  10. Ghost - 2.5%

There's nothing wrong with any of those, but by looking at the list you know you can expect to see more than one Pumpkin dog on Saturday.  If you want to go for the big win, I'd say do something different from anything on that list, OR, do an outstanding version of any of those.  I mean, who doesn't love to see a dog dressed up as a cat?

If you're going to Pet-O-Ween, here's what you need to know:

  • Shipton's Big R West, 2600 Gable Road
  • Registration is at 11 a.m.
  • Parade of pets starts at Noon


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