I was a latchkey kid when I was 9 because my mom worked as a mail sorter at the Havre, MT post office, sometimes until 9 at night. More often than not she had a pre-made meal ready for me to heat up in the oven for dinner time. We're talking 1973 so it was before there was a microwave in every home.

Every once in awhile however she'd forget and I had to fend for myself. Foraging through the cupboards and refrigerator I would find various ingredients and make something, often unique, to make myself to eat. I remember one day finding macaroni, a can of tomato sauce, cottage cheese and some swiss cheese... voila, Swiss Lasagna style mac n cheese... sort of. One morning, as a bachelor, I found nothing but Pillsbury biscuit dough and a cheddar cheese stick in my mini-fridge and made a "gringo quesadilla". This is where I learned my love of cooking.

So last night I'm eating Stouffer's Mac N Cheese and got the bright idea to dip my "Tapatio Hot Sauce Flavored Doritos" into my Mac N Cheese. Darn tasty!

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