The headlines all across the nation are hurting Donald Trump plain and simple.  A recorded conversation 11 years ago while he was a democrat talking with a friend about sexual exploits that celebrities like him can get away with is all over the news.


Sex scandals are more common in Washington DC than just about anywhere.  This morning I talked about dozens that have occurred since the conception of America; Thomas Jefferson. William Harding, John F Kennedy, Barney Frank, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, the list went on and on.


All the republicans either resigned or lost their re-election but many democrats were able to retain their seat or even go on to be elected president.  Conservatives hold their candidates accountable and expect a certain level of moral dignity and most will not sacrifice their principals.  Democrats will do whatever it takes to win no matter if they lie, steal or cheat, their candidate is the only thing that matters.  Trump is toast.