Great news from the office  of our Governor. Reports are that he paid a surprise visit to our

Montana troops that are deployed in Afghanistan. This is his first trip overseas since taking office.

Governor Bullock stopped in Kuwait to visit troops from the 1-189th General Support Aviation Battalion. He then hopped aboard a Blackhawk helicopter with pilots from the Montana for a tour Camp Buerhing. They then put him up at the Ali Al Salem Air Base, which is less than 40 miles from the Iraq border. We were wondering if he had a good old fashion military breakfast the next morning?

By the way, Bullock was no stranger to many in the unit. He was at their sendoff earlier this year. In fact one of the soldiers was very familiar. A former Helena High School classmate, Melissa Loy is deployed right now.

So what does the Governor do when he's visiting? The usual. He ate dinner with the troops, handed out awards and gave them a well-deserved message of thanks.

For the record, there are 233 Montana National Guard troops deployed overseas that are expected to return sometime in February. News reports said that Bullock could not go into detail about his trip due to security issues, but on the trip he has already met military members from Scobey to Butte, and he plans a visit to the 495th where he will bring the unit a Montana state flag.

The Governor will be back in the State on Friday.