So now Governor Bullock wants to layoff 27 Highway Patrolmen in Montana. It's been suggested that this plan is just another way to raise taxes (raising our state gas tax is one possibility) by saying that we have to save these jobs.

My concern is two pronged. One, why are we raising taxes AGAIN?! Why can't any of our governments live with what they already take from us? And, two, where was all of this information during his advertising blitz where he spent huge money telling everybody that his opponent was not from Montana and that he was a damn millionaire?

I wish that there were some law where every candidate running for every office had to declare what their planes were, once elected. And then, were bound by law to stick to these promises.

I don't recall Governor Bullock declaring "If I'm re-elected, the first thing I'm going to do is fire a bunch of law enforcement".

The last thing our state needs is LESS law enforcement. The second to last thing we need is another tax increase.

Dear Governor, I feel like you weren't upfront with the people of Montana.