Michael Foth - TSM
Michael Foth - TSM

Facebook over the weekend was chock full of pumpkin pictures.  Here's the handiwork of our family.  We opted to paint them this year instead of traditional style.  It seemed like a LOT less work and I think the kids had more fun.

I know, I know, "but you don't get the seeds to roast".  True.  But if I really crave roasted pumpkin seeds I can stop by the gas station on the way home and grab a pack for like $2 bucks.  Again, a lot less hassle.

Mine is the black one in the back.  I tried this idea I saw on Pinterest where they glued crayons on the top and then melt them with a hairdryer. This did not work.  The hairdryer just blew little melted pieces of crayon wax all over the place.  A propane torch would have worked better... mine was out of gas.  So I put the darn pumpkin in the oven with the broiler on for a few minutes.  Whatever it takes, I guess.

Happy Halloween tomorrow. Be safe!


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