khawkins04, Flickr
khawkins04, Flickr

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch south of Laurel over the weekend. One kid wanted a GIANT pumpkin, but I got him to settle for a 10 pounder-ish one.  Me and the wife picked out normal sized ones and my little girl chose 2 of the tiny little guys, like the size of large softballs.  I also made some hilarious jokes with my wife about her "pumpkins". Which I know she appreciated.

Anyway, we're deciding on how we're going to decorate them this year and I'm thinking we'll go with painting, especially for the tiny ones.  I saw this cool idea on Facebook where you paint the pumpkin whatever color you'd like, then use a hot glue gun to glue crayons around the top.  You then melt the crayons with a heat gun or hairdryer and the wax melts down the pumpkin and looks pretty sweet.

I like this idea a lot. Because - while carving pumpkins is kind of fun - it's not really that fun for me as I get stuck doing most of the work after the first few minutes of fun "carving" and removing guts. And it makes a giant mess.  That I have to clean up.

Got a picture of a cool pumpkin you've made this year? Show me your pumpkins in the Comments!


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