I've been thinking of getting personalized plates for my truck. I thought I would search around to see some of the creativity that others have done to help narrow my decision a little better. Apparently I need to come up with something better than FLUFFY1.

What I found though is a list of rejected or banned license plates from most of the states across the country. Even though they are pretty funny, I can't post 99.9 percent of what I found. You'll have to do that search on your own. Sorry. This list, should you agree to go inside, will show you more than 10,000 plates that were either rejected or banned from across the nation.

Even more so, I could find a list for nearly every state around us, but nothing for Montana. Very frustrating but the lists for other states are still pretty entertaining in themselves. I'm still trying to figure out what some of them actually say though. Trust me, it can get confusing.

Have you ever put in for a personalized plate and get rejected for whatever reason?

If you're looking to customize your plates you can go HERE.

Leave it to California to have some good ones. Check out the video.

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