Sometimes I find it hard to get festive early on in the holiday season.  Christmas lights, decorations, songs, etc. definitely push me toward the Christmas spirit, but it doesn't really feel like Christmas until I see one of the classic Christmas movies.  Most are from my childhood, but there are a couple of modern additions.

My must watch list hasn't changed much in the last decade or two, but here are the highlights:  Some version of A Christmas Carol (usually George C. Scott's version, but sometimes I'll go with Scrooged (Bill Murray) or even the much lesser known Henry Winkler version), Christmas Vacation, Elf, Home Alone, and It's a Wonderful Life.

According to Fandango, here are the most streamed Christmas movies over the holiday weekend:

1. "Home Alone"
2. "Elf"
3. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
4. "Die Hard"
5. "A Christmas Story Live!"
6. "The Santa Clause"
7. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"
8. "Love Actually"
9. "It's a Wonderful Life"
10. "Gremlins"

What's on your list?  Have you already started watching this year?


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