We got some neat stories about rescued cell phones when we had listeners call in on Weird Wednesday.

One dad had a daughter going to school in Havre and was on her way back to school. She stopped at Grass Range to let the dog pee. While she was frolicking with her dog, her phone fell out of her pocket, and she drove to Havre. A few days later she got a call from the Verizon store in Lewistown telling her that somebody not only found her phone but delivered it to their store.

On top of that, they stayed open an hour later than normal, on the Friday before Christmas because that is the earliest she could get there after class.

We had another dad who had passed his iPhone 5 down to his son but was still paying the bill. The son was getting kind of lippy about his dad not being able to control his phone. So, dad grabbed the phone and threw it out the window while doing 75 miles per hour. They went back two days later and found it. And it seems like the son is a little more respectful around his old man.

A friend texted me this one:

Buddy and I went out to Planet Lockwood to catch the strippers one night after golf. Two guys were sitting there handing out money to the girls [and] they started talking about their golf game and won the playoffs for cash, so we set up a meeting, gave them the phone numbers for tomorrow morning at a Briarwood, [was] gonna meet them at 8 o’clock. $500 a man. When we went out to the truck they had stolen our golf bags out of my truck and took off. Well, the guy took the clubs back to Idaho and my cell phone was in the golf bag. He left it out and told his wife he got new clubs. The wife called the cell number, got my number, and called me, and I told her that her husband had stolen my golf clubs and was at a strip club. She said that’s all I need to know and hung up. She sent me back my golf clubs and my cell phone. -TH

And this one came in on our app:

I have a great recovered phone story: May 4, 2018, I was gathering cow with a sweatshirt on, no zipper pockets, galloping across a wet pasture lost my phone. Last Friday, May 14, 3 years and 10 days later my sister-in-law found it. The amazing part is that it still works. -K

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