Just when I think I can start having some faith again in society, some stupid people or person does something so crappy that it pisses me off and makes me lose hope. Here is the back story to why I am so upset.

A few weeks ago I went to see my family on the HI-line in Havre. My nephew Ryan, my sister Julie's oldest son, had passed away a little over four years ago and we thought that since I was in town, we would visit his grave and put some flowers and a solar globe out for him. We placed the flowers and globe said a prayer or two for him and went on our way. Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend. I was in Havre again and I wanted to drop by the cemetery at night so that I could see what the solar globe looked like.

This is when things got heated.  I got there before the sun started to set and as I was looking at the flowers and globe from a distance, I thought it looked like they had been moved. Sure enough, they were moved. Someone had taken them off my nephew's grave and put them on another one. I don't know if whoever did it was a family member of the new recipient or someone just did it to be rude, but it was not funny and man did it make me mad.

I grabbed the stuff off the grave and was about to put it back on my nephew's when I decided that I would just take it with me and give it back to my sister and she could decide what she'd like to do. Seriously, who in the hell does something like that? At first, my husband was questioning if this was indeed the stuff I had put out for my nephew.  I assured him it was, and how do I know? Well, let's look at the facts.

The exact flowers, colors and design that was on my nephew's grave was now on this random one. The same exact solar globe was with said flowers and there was a clip on the solar globe that I accidentally broke the day I put it on the grave. Yep, you guessed it: the same clip was broken on the globe on the random grave. Now, I'm not some sort of sleuth, but common sense tells me that some jackass took them and put them on the other grave.  I went to bed upset about this and I will be honest, it still gets my dander up.

What would make a person steal something off someone else's grave? It's not like the flowers or the solar globe were expensive (maybe $20 between the two). It's the principle of the whole thing. Whoever did this or does anything like this, should be very ashamed of themselves and their families should be mortified. I know I would be.

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