As I get older I find that getting ready to go out (mostly putting on makeup) is less important.  I don't know if it's just the hassle or if it's that I feel that I don't need as much makeup.

I have been thinking of getting some permanent cosmetics done.

I have several friends who have had their eyeliner done and love it.

I also have a friend who has had her lips and eyebrows done and say that is the one of the greatest gifts she's ever given herself.

If you've been thinking of treating yourself to permanent cosmetics, this week is the time to do it.

This week is our Seize the Deal Holiday Auction and Permanent Cosmetic Clinic is offering a $100 certificate towards any one procedure for 50 per-cent off.

Treat yourself or someone you know has been thinking of getting permanent cosmetics done.

This will make a great stocking stuffer, or a great gift for your favorite female DJ on Cat Country (I'm just saying)

Go to and save right now from Permanent Cosmetic Clinic during our Holiday Auction.

Bidding ends this Friday at 7pm.

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