A huge White Catfish that was recently caught in Connecticut could be a new record. This whopper weighed 21.3 pounds which surpassed the old record of 12.7 pounds. The holder is just waiting for the international game and fish association to secure the record.

It seems that there is a record now for everything and I'm curious to know how many people in Montana hold some type of record or another. I don't think anyone has been at a radio station as long as Mark and I have, but that's not the record that I'm most proud of.  In 1981 at the State boys basketball tourney, I set the new record at a restaurant in Helena for the most spaghetti eaten at the all you could eat place we found. In fact, after I ate the last plate the cook came out to see this guy that broke the record. I think He was surprised when he looked at me and wondered where I put all that spaghetti. In fact, If I wouldn't have had a triple at Wendy's about 3 hours before that I could have added another plate to the total.

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I don't even remember the name of the restaurant but I was the talk of the tourney that night. Just one bit of advice if you are going to eat a massive amount of pasta don't drink too much water with it because it will swell up about 4 times its size. So you see, there are records in Montana that don't have anything to do with hunting and fishing. Do you hold a record?  Let me know.

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