I am the epitome of what you would call being a "creature of habit." I go to the same restaurants and what I order to eat there varies very little. For instance, when we go to Montana's Rib & Chop House I order the shrimp and chicken tenders if it's lunchtime and the Famous Filet if it's dinner time.  Every single time.

So what are some of the places that I'm missing out on in Billings?

I have never eaten at Enzo's, Juliano's, Five On Black, or a number of other fine dining establishments. I'm not opposed to trying something new. I just think it's easier to settle for what you know. and in many cases, I'm picking where I eat based on servers who work there.

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Also, I've sort of got a thing about eating downtown. I'm downtown five days a week. So, I don't like to have to come back down here about 11:30 or 12 and compete for the close parking places.

Do you stick to the same few dining places or is trying new restaurants more up your alley?

I was having lunch on the patio at Montana Brewing Company last week and I was seated to where I could see the cars go by. One lady in a white cross-over caught my eye. She was moving ever so slowly, hoping that somebody would pull out of one of the premium parking slots. Which didn't happen. Assuming that I didn't see her every single time she drove by, she went around the block at least a dozen times.

Here's hoping she found a parking spot close by and had a great lunch.

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