Some of you reading this right now are bad tippers. And you know it.

I learned about how important good tipping is from my mom. She bartended and waited tables for most of her career. And she explained to me that while she was working, they didn't get the full minimum wage. So being able to put food on the table depended heavily on getting tips. And back before we had ATMs everywhere, my mom always had cash.

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But we all have some people in our lives that don't tip well. I was having dinner recently with one of those friends. He's the guy that never takes his turn picking up the check. But occasionally he'll "get the tip since you're buying". So the dinner check was sixty-five bucks. He put seven dollars on the table. And of course, I added some more cash because it's a place that I frequent. And I didn't want a hard time from the waitress the next time I came in about how cheap my friend is. Even though that's exactly who he is.

Paying The Bill

When we got Uber Eats in Billings, we got a call about tipping. Apparently somewhere on the app, you can tip your driver. The caller told us that the drivers always delivered the orders with the bigger tips first. So if it's taking a long time to get your food delivered, you need to open that wallet a little wider. Otherwise, you can enjoy a cold dinner delivered after all the others.

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