Every year retailers come out with their lists of "hot toys".  I browsed most of them and there seems to be a few standouts that are sure to be sold out or hard-to-get this year. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. The LOL Surprise Big Surprise ball.  Apparently the LOL collection is a series of little dolls and assorted characters/items that go with the dolls. Part of this Big Surprise package is the packaging, which takes a while to open and is apparently part of the fun.  This bad boy is going for $138 on Amazon and Toys R Us is having trouble keeping it in stock.

2. Hatchibles. Remember them from last year? Weird little Furby-esque toys that come in a plastic "egg" that the creature hatches out of when you play with it for a while? They're still hot this year, with a new twist.

3. Star Wars toys.  Duh.

4. Oonies. These are little plastic pellets that you melt in a gadget and turn into little plastic/rubbery balloon balls, that kids can decorate with stick on eyeballs and other stuff.

5. The Nintendo Switch is a hot ticket item.  If you don't feel like paying for one, get over to our VIP Section right now and enter to win!

6. Fingerlings.  These are little monkeys that can wrap on your finger.  They do stuff. All the rage with the younger set.

Good luck on your Black Friday shopping!


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