I could probably start every one of my articles with "I saw this on Facebook today". Really, I did.

Weenie Wonderland

I see that Oscar Mayer is hiring "Hot Doggers". And when you get hired, you travel the country promoting their hot dogs and handing out "wiener whistles". The job is only for one year. And to be eligible you have to apply when you're a senior in college. They prefer that you got your degree in something like public relations, journalism, communications, or advertising.

I met a cute little Hot Dogger about 35 years ago when the wiener mobile came to a remote that I was doing at the old County Market on Central and Moore Lane. And I chased her for a summer. To this day, if anything wiener mobile related shows up, my friends still tease me about her.

I had to go to Wikipedia and get some stats. The first wiener mobile was built in 1936.

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Wienermobile Stats

Today's version is 27 feet long and 11 feet high. I don't know if you need a CDL to drive one. But I'll bet they are hard to parallel park.

There are actually six of them covering different zones of the country.

A couple of years ago Oscar Mayer did a contest where people could win the use of the wiener mobile for a day. They got 15,000 entries. I wish that I had known about it. That is one contest that I would have entered.

And if you can't whistle the "Oh I wish were an Oscar Mayer Wiener" song, we can't be friends.

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