I realize that soccer is about 18th on the priority list of most important sports to Americans but understand something... just shy of 320 million people live in the United States and only 11 million live in Belgium. So there about 30 Americans for every Belgian. Figuring there is a similar ratio of top athletes, even if all of theirs play soccer and only our Hispanic brothers (about 17% of the country) play futbol we should still have a much larger talent pool to choose from.

I could understand the loss if it were the World Cup of Waffles... or fries or beer (Belgian Ale is my favorite) or chocolate... but it's not. We lost to a country that can't even figure out whether they want to speak Dutch or French. If it were the World Cup of Quaint Little Shops or Getting Your Ass Kicked by pretty much any country with a mean streak and a gun I could understand that too. This was about winning. Us Americans are usually good at that. Give us a weapon (soccer ball) and a goal (goal) and we always find a way to git er done... just ask the Krauts!

For the record... I blame President Obama.

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