It's been a rough week nation wide and we have even felt the effects right here in Billings. It's really hard not to feel it when it is all around us and happening as often as it is.

Singer Christina Grimmie was killed in an autograph session. Around 50 people were killed in a nightclub shooting in Orlando and a little 2 year boy was killed by an alligator at Walt Disney Resort while vacationing with his parents. That just to name a few things that have happened this week alone.

Hearing of so much tragedy can be very hard for a person. It may even give them a loss of hope for the future. Sometimes it's very hard to turn the cheek and smile when it seems so much is going wrong.

It's hard on me too. I tend to turn up the music, get a cry out and try to find something positive that I can smile or laugh at. I do whatever I can do to show respect, grieve if need be and get myself on top of the world again. I know you know that it isn't as easy as it sounds but trying is the biggest first step a person can take. The biggest thing is to never give up on yourself.

How do you cope when things seem so wrong?