Oddly enough I got thinking about this while I was watching the video of Motley Crues last show. They've disbanded now and are going to all go do their own thing. They were together 35 years. And for the last few years, the 4 band members don't do anything together socially. No picnics together. No dinner parties. In fact, when they are touring, the 4 band members stay at 4 different hotels.

So, I have a two part question. Starting with at least 20 years at the same job, how long have you worked where you work? And do you still do things with coworkers after your work day is done?

I'm closing in on 30 years working in the same little room with Paul. About the same with Karen Gallagher. And due to kids, second jobs, and my own agenda, I rarely get together with either of them.

I will, however be spending a week with Paul in Mexico in January. And if you stop by the Stadium Club in the heights tomorrow between 5 and 7, we'll get you signed up to go with us. For free.


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