My blog today is mostly filled with questions. How much wealth does one have to have before you begin to dislike it?

I remember growing up that one of the Noble boys in our neighborhood got a green Schwinn 10 speed for Christmas. That bike cost $ 149.00 (these were 1975 dollars) I not only didn't have a Schwinn, I didn't  even have a 10 speed, for crying out loud.

Then, in high school, I had to buy my own car. While a couple of my friends came from wealthier families, had cars purchased for them. And I remembered that it bothered me, but that's just the way it was. My family didn't have that kind of money.

Fast forward to now and I have worked hard for a long time to have the ability to buy the sort of vehicles I like to drive. And now that I have a better idea of how the world works, what other people drive doesn't bother me anymore.

So why does it seem to bother so many folks how wealthy other folks have become. I mean, in most cases we don't know if they worked multiple jobs to get to where they are. Did they go to college to better their chances in the working world?

It just bugs me. Work hard. Buy better stuff.

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