An observable trend.

I hear this a lot from married people about my age. "God forbid that anything happens to my spouse, but I wouldn't remarry if it did."  That's why I believe that there are so many more older, single people these days. Welcome to my world. Let me explain to you some of the great things about being us.

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The perks.

When you get invited to things, you don't actually have to go if you really don't want to. A friend's kid's wedding? Yes. A housewarming at some couple's house that you really don't like anyway? Not so much.

Now you don't have to stay at things just because your spouse wants to. Not anymore. I'll tell you, once you get the opportunity to quit acting like a grownup, it's hard to think about giving that up.

Now, I realize that a lot of couples do these kinds of things already. It's just been my experience with a couple of different girlfriends that they thought they called all of the shots in the relationship. Often times I wasn't excused when I was ready to be done at some events. Now, for instance, if I don't want to dance, I don't have to...and it's not a three-day fight afterward. On the flip side of that, if I DO want to dance with some gorgeous lady, now I can without having to explain that she is not, in fact, some old high school girlfriend that I obviously still have "a thing" for.

And meal times are the best. Dinner isn't a six anymore. It's whenever I get hungry. And eating at Taco John's five days in a row is now OK.

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