I have to start by pointing out this list is not comprised of "trendy hipster" things like listening to vinyl or getting a 1940's haircut.  These are things that probably aren't cool by anyone's definition.

1. Using a Landline Phone

I still talk on the phone...and I'm talking landline (it is cordless though, so that's fancy).  Sometimes people call and my daughter will answer and people are stunned.  It used to be totally normal for any member of the household to pick up the "home phone", but now it freaks people out.

2.  Watching Classic TV

I still watch The Andy Griffith Show at least three times a week (also, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, Mannix and a Brady Bunch every now and then - All of which are watched with an antenna on over-the-air TV).

3. Frying Chicken

Plenty of people eat it, but they usually grab it from Tiny's or *gasp* Albertson's, etc.  I still cook mine up in an old school iron skillet.

4. Listen to Old Radio Broadcasts at Night 

Sometimes it's old baseball games, but more often it's some classic radio show from the 40's or 50's like The Shadow.

5. Read Books

I know this isn't completely out of style, but I've seen reports that claim about 70% of US adults haven't read a book in the last 5 years.  I don't read as much as I should, but I typically have a book I'm slowly working through.


As an honorary mention, I have to also mention canning.  It totally fits, I just don't like "Top 6" lists.  Last year I canned a bunch of salsa, catsup, and chow chow.  This year I plan on doing some prepared foods like chili. Yep.  I live on the edge...of 1850.

As I look at these things, I realize I could have easily and accurately titled this entry "5 Reasons I'll Always Be Single", but whatever...I am what I am.

What about you?  What things do you do that make you sound older than you are?

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