Kraft is doing something pretty cool for Mother's Day, offering to reimburse babysitter fees up to $100.  What's the catch?  Only that there is a $50,000 limit to this promotion and it's a nationwide other words, you'll have to be quick to be one of the lucky ones, but it's doable.

The details are on this page, but the highlights are this:

  • You pay your babysitter
  • Get a receipt
  • Submit the receipt on Sunday to this site
  • Kraft pays you back

There are a few restrictions that you would expect (must be 18, one per household, etc.), but the main thing is that most people will go for the full 100 even if they only spend half that on a babysitter.  If everybody takes the max, that means only 500 moms will get checks.

If you already planned on going out for a nice Mother's day and have a babysitter lined up, it's worth a shot to try and offset some of the costs of a night away from the rugrats.

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