• Lockwood got their metal detectors delivered this week. The video shows some expert driving where I backed in perfectly, the first time.
  • There's no BlackFEET River in Montana.
  • Golf this week: I made one birdie, hit four trees, one garage door, and two ponds.
  • I played Johnny Cash for Jett's dad and will attend the memorial tomorrow.
  • Paul has deemed this time of year officially "Not Visiting Season."
  • Friday morning we explored how gopher hunting is different from other hunting, which was kinda funny.
  • I didn't know that The Ozark Mountain Daredevil's song "Jackie Blue" was supposed to be about a man originally. It was also their biggest song.

Mom got her Mother's Day roses yesterday. The word is that I am the best son ever.

Enjoy your Mother's Day. Take her out to eat!

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