Mother's Day is Sunday and lots of moms will be taken out on the town to their favorite restaurants to celebrate all of their hard work and sacrifices. My mom won't be in town this year, but last Mother's Day I had the privilege of taking her out for dinner.

She's not from Billings and didn't know where she wanted to go. Honestly, if I would've left it up to her we would have eaten at my house or some chain restaurant, like Applebee's. So, I told her I would just surprise her and took her to the Petroleum Club.  It's a members only thing, but apparently, we have some kind of deal through work so I decided to take advantage.

Since I work one floor above the Petroleum Club (and have for a few years now), I'm a little spoiled with the view. I see the view about six days a week, but for those who don't, like mom, she was blown away by the scenery. The food was amazing and the staff was perfect.  It's a great memory and I'm happy I spent the extra cash to spoil her for an evening.

If you're lucky enough to have a mom walking this planet, what are you doing to celebrate?


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